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You are here: Home / Company News / How to use biscuit mechines to make healthy biscuits?

How to use biscuit mechines to make healthy biscuits?

Views:77     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-04-20      Origin:Site

How to use biscuit mechines to make healthy biscuits?           

 biscuit machine has the functions of  automatic baking, automatic conveying, automatic oil injection and automatic cooling.           

For the oil used in biscuit making, ordinary vegetable oil is relatively good, while animal oils such as butter, lard and butter have higher saturated fat and lower value. 

And while "shortening", "vegetable butter" and "hydrogenated vegetable oil" containing trans fatty acids are the most unhealthy.           

Sugar, whether it is white sugar or glucose syrup, or maltose syrup, "starch syrup" and "corn syrup", are simple sugars with energy, and the health effect is the same.           

The ingredients for biscuits should also be looked at carefully. 


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